tisdag 26 juni 2007

Queen of the north

I have recently finished a masse of new items, some of them custommade like this necklace for a woman named Emma that I met at a party some weeks ago.
I hope she will impress on both goodlooking boys and shopowners in the northern parts of Sweden!

More recently finished items like these navyblue vintage porcelain necklaces you can try on and by at Merkado Market in Folkets Park in Malmö saturday 30 of june! See www.merkado.se for more info.

onsdag 13 juni 2007

People wearing Sägen Design

I am starting to post in english today, it feels better since most of the blogs i read are in english and also most of my lovely customers!

The market 1-3 of june went fine. I was worried since the fee for participation was the highest I have payed so far and it was my first time trying out a market in Denmark. I met lots of sweet people and as usual I asked about everything i wanted to know so I came home with lot's of interesting contacts and ideas!

Pretty customers with the jewellery they just bought!

My pick of the nicest things found on the market

Helle Grams porcelain jewellery is pretty
Fun big necklaces with stones and recycled things
Raku pots
My owl ( still for sale!)
Sägen featured in Jyllandsposten, one of denmarks biggest newspapers, 1 of june, perfect timing!