onsdag 19 december 2007

Last days of christmas shopping

Thank you so much all lovely customers and hope that your x-mas presents will be a huge success! From Farsta to Nyc, hats, cufflinks, ties and lots of lovely jewellery is finding it´s way through the postsystems of the world right now!

In 2008 a new line with hats and mittens will be launched. I will have a baby and be creative - Thats what i hope for! Also I hope to get a lot more shops to sell my items!

Merry merry x-mas and a happy new year to you all!

onsdag 12 december 2007

X-mas markets this week

This weekend I went to the countryside to try a new market. Half of the people who came were not able to walk, the rest could hardly hear or see so...not exactly my kind of audience. This guy though played his harp really well.

Anyway after this disappointing start it turned out ok and these beautiful youth's at the booth next to mine bought hats - See how cute they look!

Now we are having a lussevaka! Malte, my husband has been making safroncrêpes and the x-mas feeling is warm here tonight!

See you next week at Merkado 15-16 of dec folks! Last chance to buy the faboulous Muller-ties and my lovely hats at really good prices before christmas!

tisdag 4 december 2007

New arrival with clothes from Majtjho

See the new arrival with great stuff from my friend Therese's label Majtjho!

I just love her pants and dresses! Happy, happy me - Soon i have my very own baby to dress up in her designs! I am longing for springtime in Malmö!

As usual with Majtjho's Design there is only 1 piece of each so you and your baby will be sure to hit the streets as unique as you are!

torsdag 22 november 2007

Reduced prices and new items in Sagen butik

In good time before christmas I have reduced the prices on all Sagen jewellery and made them more comprehensible. It doesn't matter any moore if you buy from me on the web or at the markets. From now on I will be out selling on markets almost every week-end until christmas.

Come and see me, try on the fabulous new hats and check out the new computercovers!

24-25 november Merkado at shoppingcenter Leonard in Malmö
2 dec Julstöket, Kulturens museum in Lund
2 dec Danish Design Center in Copenhagen
7,8,9 dec Fogdaröds Christmas market in Höör
8 dec Humanitetens Hus, Malmö, participoating in an event about recycling.
15,16 dec Merkado at shoppingcenter Leonard in Malmö

The computercovers has arrived an they turned out exactly the way I designed them! 3 different colours, you can turn them inside-out and choose the colour you prefer as outside since they have buttons on both sides. They are made by disbled craftspeople in Vietnam, Fairtrade production. The materials used is the finest silk you can imagine and cotton. The padding is just enough thick for you to put the computer in your ordinary bag and hit the town! Two sizes are available suitable for a small pc or mac book and for larger computers with 17 screen.

Available in the shop any day!

torsdag 25 oktober 2007

MERKADO and more

Keep your eyes open and come to MERKADO www.merkado.se this sunday in Köpcentret Leonard at Möllevången! The market is both days but i will be there on sunday selling the new collection Sägen hats " Bo i en svamp " and " Vacker i Basker " as well as some newly finished beautiful mittens and jewellery!

During the time I was away in Vitnam the hats has turned out to be a success at both Tjallamalla and Svensson Butiken in Malmö. Thay did sell out but is now in stock again. I am fighting against time to finally put them up on www.sagenbutik.se

More good news is that some of the models and colours will be on sale at DESIGNTORGET in both Malmö, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Linköping, Västerås and more probably from the beginning of november!

söndag 21 oktober 2007

Vietnam business

I have been away in Vietnam - tjohoo!
It has been a very intense trip with lots of inspiring sights and people.
Both me and Malte have made prototypes for new products and the work has been very rewarding and many different ways. We have found superb partners to work with who concentrate fully on fairtrade production in working with young disabled and very skillful artisans to make their life better.

This is the prototype for Sägens new computer cover, it has no name yet but will come in three different colors in silk and cotton and 2 sizes, both for mac and pc.Get a fabulous cushion for your precious thing!

Discussing details and prototypes with Quyen, the sales manager.

Prototype for bracelets / handwarmers in rich decorated and beautifully embroidered fabric with silk inside.

In a couple of months all this will be on sale in www.sagenbutik.se

lördag 29 september 2007

Friends hat photoshoot

First photo from favourite photographer Bodil,see her work at www.fotografbodil.se Not to be forgotten, hats can be purchased at Tjallamalla and Svensson Butik in Malmo now, and from the webshop from end of october.

måndag 17 september 2007

Photo Day

My Sägen hats has arrived! I got them last week and I have been happy ever since. It is the best thing happening to me after the wonderful news that I am pregnant, but that i have known for some time now. This sunday it was photo time and my friend Bodil who is a photographer and I went off to the industrial harbour to shoot our friends wearing my new creations. A sunny day!

Coffee & sandwiches

Sägen mittens, all unique and made of soft felted wool

September boyfriend Mr M

Brothers Rundberg, Tage the dog and Åsa

The hats are made in India, handcrocheted in a fairtrade project. The material used is a soft doublethread wool/mohairmix. The hats come in 2 models; Live in a mushroom is a streety hat and Beautiful in Beret is a big and soft beret that you can shape the way you prefer. You will soon find them in the shop,I just need a head, (skylthuvud)to photo them on... Looking in the shops in Malmö, not finding much, anyone who knows where to get one?

måndag 13 augusti 2007

Markets the weeks to come

Welcome to Merkado 17 and 18th of August at the Malmofestival!

I am a part of the Merkado market friday 17th and saturday 18 of august from early morning to late night, i am myself working behind one of the scenens taking care of the Ark, Timbuktu and the rest so a girl named Amelie will work for me for the first time and i think it will work out good! - Take the chance to check in my new designs. I will bring lots of colourful new rings an a brand new selection of cufflinks. The popular mittens will do their automn premiere this week and the stock of mittens tend to disappear quicker than I can believe it each year!

Stajl by Malmö 26th August at S:t Knuts Torg Malmö

Also very Welcome to Stajl by Malmö
Stajl is always very nice... I was there for the first time last year and i really liked the whole feeling about it. It differs a lot from Merkado and you can find awsome clothes made by young talented designers, also there is a catwalk and always a very cool vibe about it all!

onsdag 1 augusti 2007

Back at Studio Total

After weeks of awful weather mixing rain and sometimes a little sun it feels just fine being back on track at the Studio. As usual the vacation was spent hunting for porcelain and I am desperatly longing to make more jewellery. I hope that in the very near future i will show more new stuff in the webshop. The market in Visby went fine and I really enjoyed it - more to come next year i hope! I had made to little earrings so that is mainly what i will concentrate on the days to come.

Also I got a nice letter from a woman who sent me the broken Minerva porcelain a long time ago, her father in law was delighted about the specialmade cufflinks I had made for him on her initiative!

New porcelain finds: I think i came home from Gotland with at least 50 new motives both from the Swedish factorys as well as kitsch favourites from Germany, Thechoslovkia etc.

And more lovely automnbags!

söndag 8 juli 2007


I have left Malmö for Gotland. One week ago I reached the shores of my beautiful and much loved Island. Since then i am selling jewellery on the big square in the middle of the medieval town Visby. It is going alright, today the weather has been horrific with tons of rain and I really regret that i decided to give it a try despite the rain.

In august I'llbe back in the studio making more porcelain stuff and putting it in the webshop. Until then, I guess it is a little bit of vacationtime for Sägen and me.
We are working 3 more days then hopefully the sun comes back! I really long for those lazy days on the beach with Mr M.

tisdag 26 juni 2007

Queen of the north

I have recently finished a masse of new items, some of them custommade like this necklace for a woman named Emma that I met at a party some weeks ago.
I hope she will impress on both goodlooking boys and shopowners in the northern parts of Sweden!

More recently finished items like these navyblue vintage porcelain necklaces you can try on and by at Merkado Market in Folkets Park in Malmö saturday 30 of june! See www.merkado.se for more info.

onsdag 13 juni 2007

People wearing Sägen Design

I am starting to post in english today, it feels better since most of the blogs i read are in english and also most of my lovely customers!

The market 1-3 of june went fine. I was worried since the fee for participation was the highest I have payed so far and it was my first time trying out a market in Denmark. I met lots of sweet people and as usual I asked about everything i wanted to know so I came home with lot's of interesting contacts and ideas!

Pretty customers with the jewellery they just bought!

My pick of the nicest things found on the market

Helle Grams porcelain jewellery is pretty
Fun big necklaces with stones and recycled things
Raku pots
My owl ( still for sale!)
Sägen featured in Jyllandsposten, one of denmarks biggest newspapers, 1 of june, perfect timing!

onsdag 30 maj 2007

Helg i Helsingör

Om du har vägarna förbi Helsingör eller är sugen på en utflykt, passa på att komma till konsthantverksmarknaden 12:kammeret. se: www.12kammeret.dk

Massor av fina föremål och hantverkare i dagarna 3. Fredag, lördag och söndag kommer jag att finnas där med hela marknadskollektionen! Jag anmälde mig okristligt sent så jag står inte med bland utställarna, allas saker ser så fina ut att jag höll på att smälla av, så imponerad blir jag. Måste påminna mig själv om att jag är kulturproducent till yrket och att jag kommer att lära mig mer och mer hantverk med tiden. Jag gissar att jag har minst 10 år på mig tills jag är jämngammal med de flesta utställarna.

måndag 28 maj 2007

Engelska rosor och mössor i Indien

Jag kommer inte ihåg om jag skrivit det men mössorna är nu tillbaka från Indien och de är jättefina. Jag är förväntansfull och spänd på att få se hela produktionen färdig. I helgen gjorde Malte två urtjusiga broderier till Sägen som ska appliceras på vissa av mössorna. Det kommer att bli helt galet och motiven får ni se här tids nog! Förra veckan var en oändligt lång räcka med arbete i ensamhet och när fredagen kom var jag sjukt uttråkad och lite knäpp av att ha varit själv så mycket! Ingen är här på Studion just nu så jag sprider ut mig, lortar ner och dricker stora mängder kaffe. Kom gärna hit till Norra Vallgatan 8 och hälsa på!

Axplock från förra veckans skapande. Jag sparar ungefär hälften av allt jag gör till marknader men detta finns på hemsidan nu!

Sägen har varit med på en indieshoppingblogg i Usa. Där fick jag lära mig att Sägen Butik inte direkt är ettidealiskt namn på min shop egentligen. läs inlägget på: http://modish.typepad.com -a stylish blog for indie shoppers

onsdag 23 maj 2007

Sommartider hej hej sommartider

Om det sämsta med sommaren är Per Gessles landsplågor så är det bästa att man har mindre kläder och att det finns fina nästan öde paradisstränder i Sverige också, som man kan leka pirat på kanske...
Den här bilden gör mig på gott humör! Jag har lånat den från femisexbloggen.

En alldeles exklusiv bild av Anneli Furmark! Happy Sailors kallar hon den av förklarliga skäl. Anneli bor i Umeå och har gett ut Labyrinterna och andra serier (2002) samt Amatörernas afton (2004) på Optimal.

måndag 14 maj 2007

Drift är äntligen här!

Nu är Drift här och den är underbar, coolaste, snyggaste och månadens sexigaste shoppingtips alla kategorier - läs om den i shoppen och köp den för guds skull, du kommer bli glad, jag lovar!

Jag vill ha tips på mer bra sex! Böcker, film, saker, konst det viktiga är att det är gjort av lust, att det finns kvinnliga subjekt som tar för sig, att den som gjort produkten i fråga har någon slags feministisk tanke eller vilja att presentera sex på ett bättre, roligare sätt, att alla parter som varit inblandade är glada för det, att de njutit och naturligtvis du blir härligt sommarkåt. Hjälp mig! Detta område är en djungel men förhoppningen är att Bra Sex-sektionen ska växa för jag tycker att det behövs.

onsdag 9 maj 2007


Jag har startat en liten butik på ETSY! Det är världens coolaste forum för folk som gör saker själva, så mycket snyggt.

Se www.etsy.com

fredag 27 april 2007

Merkado och 30-årsdag 29 april

Kom till Merkado på söndag - jag fyller år och ska träffa familj men jag har kompenserat mer än väl genom att dyka upp med otroligt mycket nyproducerade diamanter!
Vi ses!

Och så var det då gjort - mina läppar snuddade vid kuvertet, historien ändrade sitt förlopp lite, lite, när jag släppte ner min ansökan om FA-skattsedel och hörde dunsen när det nådde botten av postlådan. Snart är allt detta på riktigt. Egenföretagare - Elin.