måndag 13 augusti 2007

Markets the weeks to come

Welcome to Merkado 17 and 18th of August at the Malmofestival!

I am a part of the Merkado market friday 17th and saturday 18 of august from early morning to late night, i am myself working behind one of the scenens taking care of the Ark, Timbuktu and the rest so a girl named Amelie will work for me for the first time and i think it will work out good! - Take the chance to check in my new designs. I will bring lots of colourful new rings an a brand new selection of cufflinks. The popular mittens will do their automn premiere this week and the stock of mittens tend to disappear quicker than I can believe it each year!

Stajl by Malmö 26th August at S:t Knuts Torg Malmö

Also very Welcome to Stajl by Malmö
Stajl is always very nice... I was there for the first time last year and i really liked the whole feeling about it. It differs a lot from Merkado and you can find awsome clothes made by young talented designers, also there is a catwalk and always a very cool vibe about it all!

onsdag 1 augusti 2007

Back at Studio Total

After weeks of awful weather mixing rain and sometimes a little sun it feels just fine being back on track at the Studio. As usual the vacation was spent hunting for porcelain and I am desperatly longing to make more jewellery. I hope that in the very near future i will show more new stuff in the webshop. The market in Visby went fine and I really enjoyed it - more to come next year i hope! I had made to little earrings so that is mainly what i will concentrate on the days to come.

Also I got a nice letter from a woman who sent me the broken Minerva porcelain a long time ago, her father in law was delighted about the specialmade cufflinks I had made for him on her initiative!

New porcelain finds: I think i came home from Gotland with at least 50 new motives both from the Swedish factorys as well as kitsch favourites from Germany, Thechoslovkia etc.

And more lovely automnbags!