torsdag 25 oktober 2007

MERKADO and more

Keep your eyes open and come to MERKADO this sunday in Köpcentret Leonard at Möllevången! The market is both days but i will be there on sunday selling the new collection Sägen hats " Bo i en svamp " and " Vacker i Basker " as well as some newly finished beautiful mittens and jewellery!

During the time I was away in Vitnam the hats has turned out to be a success at both Tjallamalla and Svensson Butiken in Malmö. Thay did sell out but is now in stock again. I am fighting against time to finally put them up on

More good news is that some of the models and colours will be on sale at DESIGNTORGET in both Malmö, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Linköping, Västerås and more probably from the beginning of november!

söndag 21 oktober 2007

Vietnam business

I have been away in Vietnam - tjohoo!
It has been a very intense trip with lots of inspiring sights and people.
Both me and Malte have made prototypes for new products and the work has been very rewarding and many different ways. We have found superb partners to work with who concentrate fully on fairtrade production in working with young disabled and very skillful artisans to make their life better.

This is the prototype for Sägens new computer cover, it has no name yet but will come in three different colors in silk and cotton and 2 sizes, both for mac and pc.Get a fabulous cushion for your precious thing!

Discussing details and prototypes with Quyen, the sales manager.

Prototype for bracelets / handwarmers in rich decorated and beautifully embroidered fabric with silk inside.

In a couple of months all this will be on sale in