torsdag 4 september 2008

Designtorget 13 new shops

Polly is modelling in the new hat named the snowball, it is coming in raspberry red and turquoise colour soon!

A few days ago my buttonbracelets and rings started selling at Designtorget. After the week-end I will know the result of one weeks exposure in their shops, i am very exited and think that they will turn out to be a success! I sold lots of them at Stajl by Malmo this sunday... It was a beautiful market day and Malmo truly showed it's sunny face to the whole world. I was exited afterwards having worked a lot preparing everything and taking care of my daughter Polly and nursing her during the market when she came visiting me with her dad.

Today I will go to the studio alone meeting up with a woman that i hope can help me produce the jewellery since I could sell so much more if i only had some more stuff ready...

Automn is coming and I am longing to get back into the cultural life of my city as a visitor, not organizer, after 6 months of Polly-life I am longing for late nights out (at least one every month) and a body in good shape. These are my simple plans for the months to come and of course lot's of new jewellery selling in new places!