söndag 16 mars 2008

Elins studio space and newborn baby!

Jippi! This thuesday Elin gave birth to a little baby girl! We call her Pyret (TBC). So this is Malte, her boyfriend, writing to update her blogg. Also taking care of Sägens orders for a couple of weeks ahead.

We are both at home tending the baby, a whole new experience for both Elin and me. So there will be no drilling, i.e. no new porcelain jewellery items on the webshop for some time. But new handicraft designs are under construction. Read more about this in an interview with Elin published in Modish Handmade Blog the 10th of March. They have an inspiring feature which shows some different designers studios and workspaces. Check out the interview at Handmade Spaces or below.

I am myself thinking about different designs of unisex scarfes, to be introduced this autumn. At present they are only sold at Tjalla Malla in Malmö. I hope Elin will consider to sell them att Sägen Butik as well. So I take this opportunity to show you. Sneaky huh?

Here follows the interview from Modish. I somehow find it very touching, but that´s probably my "daddy-easily-touched-hormones" talking. Enjoy!

Handmade Spaces: Sagen Butik

Today I'm pleased to share a space all the way from the south of Sweden, that of Elin from Sägen Butik! Sägen Butik specializes in accessories made from vintage Swedish porcelain, but also carries wonderful embroidered handbags, ties, hats and other fun stuff! See where it all takes place, before Elin pops! (she's *this* close to having a baby! :)

What do you create in this space?

I am an accessories designer with my own brand Sägen, (which means an old saga in Swedish) and I run my webshop at www.sagenbutik.se. I work in a studio in central Malmö in the south of Sweden and right now I am working on the 2009 fairtrade hats collection as well as making new jewellery before my baby arrives in the beginning of march!

Can you describe what we see in the pictures a bit?

In my basement studio I create my jewellery made of porcelain and silver. When I sit here, I use the drill and attach the porcelain pieces to the silver. I store lots of silver pieces in an old kitchen shelf. You can see part of my collection of Scandinavian midcentury porcelain and me with the mask used when I polish and grind the porcelain. I have a separate room to store things where you can see my new design- laptop cases made of silk and cotton. Upstairs in the studio you can find me at the laptop with necessary (and unnecessary) items around me needed to run a webshop and design things.

How do you feel when you enter your handmade space?

I share the studio with 2 friends of mine. We all have our own companies but share ideas and support each other as much as we can. I am the businesswoman when I am behind the laptop. In this space I am the queen and the queen is boss. I feel calm and concentrated. I try to think about the economic aspects of my small but growing business. I am enjoying my time very much, learning new things about the design process, about having your own company, about Fairtrade production etc in my own pace every day.

In the basement I do not think very much at all. I create and listen to the radio. I enjoy making new items of old and broken porcelain that I find in fleamarkets. Many of the patterns are well-known to the Swedish people. They recognize them from the past and get nostalgic in a touching way, remembering having tea with their grandmothers using the same cups from the 1960's that I am now making a pair of earrings from. Making the jewellery is very noisy and extremely dirty. I can appreciate this a lot too. I feel free. It is only me and the endless sound of the machines.

Thank you Elin for sharing your space with us! I love seeing you in that big mask! And good luck to you with the baby! :) Be sure to check out all the wonderful creations that Elin makes here at Sägen Butik!
That´s it.

måndag 10 mars 2008

New bags in the shop

When travelling through Vietnam this autumn I discovered the beautiful craftwork of the ethnic minorities in the northern parts of the country and fell madly in love with both the people and their textiles.

I brought 25 specially chosen bags with me home to the shop. The embroidery on the bags are recycled clothes as you can see on these photos. The Flower H'Mong girls walk around embroidering and embellishing their clothes at all times.

The handbags are to me the perfect mix between traditional work and a modern look. Be completely unique with a recycled, colourful and hippiechic bag that no one else carries!