onsdag 19 december 2007

Last days of christmas shopping

Thank you so much all lovely customers and hope that your x-mas presents will be a huge success! From Farsta to Nyc, hats, cufflinks, ties and lots of lovely jewellery is finding it´s way through the postsystems of the world right now!

In 2008 a new line with hats and mittens will be launched. I will have a baby and be creative - Thats what i hope for! Also I hope to get a lot more shops to sell my items!

Merry merry x-mas and a happy new year to you all!

onsdag 12 december 2007

X-mas markets this week

This weekend I went to the countryside to try a new market. Half of the people who came were not able to walk, the rest could hardly hear or see so...not exactly my kind of audience. This guy though played his harp really well.

Anyway after this disappointing start it turned out ok and these beautiful youth's at the booth next to mine bought hats - See how cute they look!

Now we are having a lussevaka! Malte, my husband has been making safroncrêpes and the x-mas feeling is warm here tonight!

See you next week at Merkado 15-16 of dec folks! Last chance to buy the faboulous Muller-ties and my lovely hats at really good prices before christmas!

tisdag 4 december 2007

New arrival with clothes from Majtjho

See the new arrival with great stuff from my friend Therese's label Majtjho!

I just love her pants and dresses! Happy, happy me - Soon i have my very own baby to dress up in her designs! I am longing for springtime in Malmö!

As usual with Majtjho's Design there is only 1 piece of each so you and your baby will be sure to hit the streets as unique as you are!