torsdag 22 november 2007

Reduced prices and new items in Sagen butik

In good time before christmas I have reduced the prices on all Sagen jewellery and made them more comprehensible. It doesn't matter any moore if you buy from me on the web or at the markets. From now on I will be out selling on markets almost every week-end until christmas.

Come and see me, try on the fabulous new hats and check out the new computercovers!

24-25 november Merkado at shoppingcenter Leonard in Malmö
2 dec Julstöket, Kulturens museum in Lund
2 dec Danish Design Center in Copenhagen
7,8,9 dec Fogdaröds Christmas market in Höör
8 dec Humanitetens Hus, Malmö, participoating in an event about recycling.
15,16 dec Merkado at shoppingcenter Leonard in Malmö

The computercovers has arrived an they turned out exactly the way I designed them! 3 different colours, you can turn them inside-out and choose the colour you prefer as outside since they have buttons on both sides. They are made by disbled craftspeople in Vietnam, Fairtrade production. The materials used is the finest silk you can imagine and cotton. The padding is just enough thick for you to put the computer in your ordinary bag and hit the town! Two sizes are available suitable for a small pc or mac book and for larger computers with 17 screen.

Available in the shop any day!