lördag 29 september 2007

Friends hat photoshoot

First photo from favourite photographer Bodil,see her work at www.fotografbodil.se Not to be forgotten, hats can be purchased at Tjallamalla and Svensson Butik in Malmo now, and from the webshop from end of october.

måndag 17 september 2007

Photo Day

My Sägen hats has arrived! I got them last week and I have been happy ever since. It is the best thing happening to me after the wonderful news that I am pregnant, but that i have known for some time now. This sunday it was photo time and my friend Bodil who is a photographer and I went off to the industrial harbour to shoot our friends wearing my new creations. A sunny day!

Coffee & sandwiches

Sägen mittens, all unique and made of soft felted wool

September boyfriend Mr M

Brothers Rundberg, Tage the dog and Åsa

The hats are made in India, handcrocheted in a fairtrade project. The material used is a soft doublethread wool/mohairmix. The hats come in 2 models; Live in a mushroom is a streety hat and Beautiful in Beret is a big and soft beret that you can shape the way you prefer. You will soon find them in the shop,I just need a head, (skylthuvud)to photo them on... Looking in the shops in Malmö, not finding much, anyone who knows where to get one?