måndag 27 oktober 2008

New hats arrival

I am so happy to start selling my new hats called the snowball and beautiful in beret (the bestseller from last year) comes in 2 new colours Raspberry red and Turquoise - Ckeck them out in the shop!!

fredag 17 oktober 2008

New porcelain inspiration

back in the studio! I have started producing again and the inspiration for making my porcelain collection has got a brand new start! One week I do the porcelain and the next the buttonjewellery. It is good to have a variation. This is some of the necklaces that I made this week:

Coming markets are the 30 of November in Lund, julstöket -Come and visit my stand!

New shops is Folkart at Davidhallstorg and on the web and Meloa in Lund is probably starting to sell my things in a couple of weeks time.